Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Our Edmond lawn care experts don’t stop at the ground. We take pride in helping our clients maintain beautiful and healthy trees and shrubs from bloom until bare. An all-season solution, our Edmond lawn care experts inject fertilizer in the winter and follow up in spring with surface feeding insect treatment and insecticide. Our Edmond lawn care specialists treat again in summer and fall for surface dwellers that can ruin a plant’s vegetation and damage root systems. All treatments include foliar fertilization.

Weed Control and Fertilization

Our annual weed control and lawn fertilization package is a comprehensive treatment plan to keep your lawn healthy and in pristine condition. Edmond lawn care experts work diligently throughout the year to monitor for invasive weeds and take preventative measures against these unsightly growths. Pre-emergent treatments in winter, spring, and summer are followed up with nutrient rich, time-released fertilizer, applied by the Edmond lawn care specialists each season. Our turf management program is the most effective on the market.

Outdoor Pest Control

While insects are a vital contributor to the life cycle of any lawn, Edmond lawn care experts are trained to identify and control invasive or harmful species. These include, but are in no way limited to mole crickets, which burrow just below the surface; carpenter ants, a bothersome creature that lives in hollow, rotted trees; armyworms, which feed on new grass and can ravage a lawn in as little as 72 hours; and moles, an insectivore that eats beneficial earthworms and digs an unending labyrinth of tunnels in soil.

Grub Control

Grubs are no match for our skilled Edmond lawn care service technicians. These are perhaps the most dangerous of lawn pests as they eat away at the maturing root system of grass and cause time-delayed damage. Without proper preemptive measure, grubs can leave an entire lawn a brown, barren wasteland – without ever being seen. These small worm-like creatures are characterized by their thick, whitish-grey bodies and tendency to curl tightly when disturbed. They are most active during the summer.


In order to fully develop, a lawn must receive proper amounts of oxygen and nutrients. That’s where aeration comes into play. Our Edmond lawn care experts use the latest equipment to aerate lawns in the spring. This process allows fertilizers to reach the grass’s root system and leaves plenty of room for the lawn’s foundation to “breathe.” Aeration is a simple way to ensure that grass maintains its health from one season to the next and works well for most soil types.

Disease Treatments

There are more than a handful of diseases impacting trees, shrubs, and lawns in Oklahoma. Our Edmond lawn care experts are trained to spot disease-ridden areas and work quickly to remove the culprit and bring lawns back to life. A few diseases our Edmond lawn care experts can assist with include iron chlorosis, a disease that causes discoloration and eventually death; bacterial leaf spots; Cedar apple rust, which presents with gelatinous tendril clumps on cedar and juniper trees and; fire blight, which leaves limbs with a singed appearance and vulnerable to further infection from bacterial ooze.