If your lawn has dry, brown patches of grass, it might be home to an overpopulation of grubs. These greyish white worm-like creatures can ruin a pristine landscape in less than a week. Here, Edmond lawn care experts from Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn offer information on grubs and how to get rid of these lawn-killing pests.

Q: How can I be sure grubs are the problem?

Edmond lawn care experts: It’s true, many insects and diseases can cause dead patches on turf grass. In order to be 100% certain that grubs are, indeed, your problem, dig five to ten 10-inch diameter turf samples. If more than five grubs are present per square foot, you may want to consider grub control.

Q: What are the most effective grub prevention products?

Edmond lawn care experts: Products that list chlorantraniliprole as an active ingredient are extremely effective at eliminating recently-hatched grubs. This is also true of products containing thiamethoxam, Imidacloprid, or clothianidin. However, none of these products will control a mature grub population.

Q: So how can I control an active infestation?

Edmond lawn care experts: Curative treatments include carbaryl and trichlorfon. While these chemicals may eliminate up to 80% of a grub population, they are not as effective as preventative treatments.

Q: Are insecticides effective against grubs?

Edmond lawn care experts: No, insecticides do not work for grub control. Active ingredients found in most readily available insecticides don’t penetrate the soil deep enough to affect a nesting grub population.

Q: How should I apply a grub control treatment?

Edmond lawn care experts: First, double check the packaging to ensure the product’s active ingredient targets grubs. Follow the label directions and saturate the newly treated soil with approximately a half inch water immediately after.

Q: What safety measures should I take when treating my lawn with grub control compounds?

Edmond lawn care experts: As with all chemicals, safety is of the utmost priority. When applying a chemical treatment to your lawn, always wear rubber boots and gloves to protect hands and feet. Insecticides should be stored in a locked cabinet away from children.

Q: Do all grub infestations need to be treated?

Edmond lawn care experts: It’s very unlikely that grubs will go away on their own. If grubs have damaged your lawn, you will need to eliminate the problem with appropriate measures.

Q: Does Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn Company offer grub control services?

Edmond lawn care experts: Yes, and we provide a free estimate through our website at EdmondLawn.Care.