Pre-Emergent-BlogIn Edmond, lawn care is taken seriously. No homeowner wants to be known as the one person on the block with unsightly weeds. Here, the experts at Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn Company answer questions about those pesky weeds and why a pre-emergent herbicide is the best way to battle crabgrass.

Q: What is a pre-emergent herbicide?

Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn, Edmond lawn care: A pre-emergent herbicide is a chemical used to prevent the seeds of certain weeds, usually crabgrass, from sprouting.

Q: What types of weeds do pre-emergent herbicides target?

Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn, Edmond lawn care: Herbicides typically target crabgrass. Crabgrass is a fast-spreading weed that grows at an accelerated rate, much quicker than turf grass. Crabgrass grows in clumps, with runners that creep along the ground. It kills other grasses and can leave your lawn with spotty patches of bare soil.

Q: How often must I apply pre-emergent herbicides in order to keep my lawn weed-free?

Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn, Edmond lawn care: Pre-emergent treatments must be applied at least twice per year. Timing varies by region. In Oklahoma, we apply a pre-emergent in winter, spring, and summer for best results. If applied too early, the chemicals get washed away by rain before the seeds produce certain enzymes that react to the pre-emergent. Too late and this enzyme is no longer active, making the application in vain.

Q: When does crabgrass germinate?

Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn, Edmond lawn care: Crabgrass seeds start to “wake up” once the ground temperature reaches 50 degrees. This can be as early as March 1st in southern states.

Q: Are pre-emergent treatments safe for my turf grass?

Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn, Edmond lawn care: Not all chemicals are the same. If you plan to apply a pre-emergent to your lawn, please check the label and do your research ahead of time.

Q: Does Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn offer weed control services?

Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn, Edmond lawn care: We offer full service weed control with our exclusive seven step prevention program. We start with a winter pre-emergent and alternate that treatment with fertilizer and seasonal weed control to give you a lawn worthy of your neighbor’s envy.

Q: How much does it cost for a lawn evaluation and estimate?

Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn, Edmond lawn care: At Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn, your weed control estimate is provided free of charge. Please feel free to check us out on the web or call our office at 405.341.7998 for more information.