Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn Company was founded in 1975 by Damon and Nelda Johnson. Since its inception, the Edmond lawn care company has grown to be one of the area’s premier providers of tree and shrub care and weed control services.

For homeowners in the town of Edmond, OK, lawn care is much more than aesthetics. It’s about reflecting a sense of pride in our community. Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn is an Edmond lawn care company that understands this, and we work with each customer individually to ensure their specific needs are met with unrivaled professionalism and expertise.

Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn is known for attention to detail and has set the bar high for Edmond lawn care. Our extensive line of services ensures that a homeowner’s investment stays pristine from the ground up. Edmond lawn care services include:

  • Weed control – The seven step weed control program performed by Edmond lawn care specialists includes a customized action plan of pre-emergent measures, fertilization, and seasonal monitoring.
  • Tree and shrub care – An exclusive Edmond lawn care program that offers tree and shrub maintenance for each season. Basic package includes insecticides, foliar fertilization, and treatment for surface feeding insects. Additional services such as custom consultation, mosquito control, and preemptive measures against fleas, ticks, grubs, carpenter ants, and webworms are available upon request.
  • Aeration – Edmond lawn care specialists diligently work during the spring and fall to bring oxygen and nutrients to the soil. Aeration loosens compacted soil and helps water reach the lawn’s delicate root system. Aeration services are available for all types of lawns, including densely compacted clay.
  • Disease prevention – Diseases targeted by the Edmond lawn care company include Pythian blight, downy mildew, anthracnose, canker disease, Dothistroma needle blight, fire blight, leaf spots, iron chlorosis, and cedar apple rust.
  • Insect control – Mole crickets, carpenter ants, armyworms, webworms, moles, grubs, boring insects, and spider mites are no match for the Edmond lawn care company’s insect control program. Edmond lawn care specialists first evaluate, then mitigate, these pests and more.
  • Fescue seeding – Spring and fall is seeding season for the team of experts at the Edmond lawn care company. Overseeding at least once per year is the best way to ensure a lush green lawn.
  • Specialty tree care – Damon Johnson’s Edmond lawn care company helps homeowners maintain a variety of trees and shrubs. Edmond lawn care services are available for an assortment of ornamental and shade trees including the lacebark elm, Oklahoma Redbud, Chinese Pistache, chokecherry, chasta, weeping willow, and a number of non-native species.

Damon Johnson’s Edmond lawn care company provides free estimates for most services by calling the office at:

(405) 341-7998