Pest Control

Pest Control Edmond, OK

Landscape maintenance is the one thing that helps keep your garden and yard spaces in a good condition right round the year. The landscapers that handle this job for you design plans that include various aspects such as trimming and pruning, mowing lawns and fertilization etc. The other important aspect of landscape care is pest control.

Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn Company provides Landscape Maintenance services to customers in and around Edmond, Oklahoma City, Arcadia, Bethany and Guthrie. They have also built a solid customer base across Piedmont, Seward, Jones, Moore, as well as Norman.

Types of Garden Pests

It’s not uncommon to see garden pests a causing havoc and damaging plants and trees as well as the grassy patches in the landscape. It’s true that insects are part and parcel of the ecosystem, some of them can prove to be a menace; and garden pest control plans focus on eliminating these harmful pests. Some of the different types of harmful outdoor pests include:

  • Mole crickets- These tend to burrow just under the surface of the ground
  • Carpenter ants- They can cause widespread damage to the plantings and build nests in rotting or decaying trees
  • Army worms- These pests can easily ravage a large lawn space within a matter of 72 hours
  • Moles- They dig holes and tunnels in the ground and cause significant damage to the landscape.
  • Grubs- These are extremely dangerous lawn pests; they methodically eat away at the grass’ root system and damage it completely. If you have noticed brown or bare patches on your lawns, it’s important that you call in landscape specialists to take a look at the lawn and provide some lawn pest control solutions.
  • Snails & caterpillars- Both these species of pests begin eating leaves from your plants, shrubs and trees and can affect the health of the plantings
  • White flies- Many flowering plants like hibiscus get affected by these garden flies and it’s important that they be eliminated on time.

Custom Pest Control Plan

The one way to prevent outdoor pests from damaging your garden and the plantings is to hire the services of a good landscaping company that also provides landscape pest control as part of its garden and yard maintenance solutions. An integrated and preventive pest control approach works best when it comes to dealing with these pests.

An experienced company would be able to provide you custom solutions based on the type of soil and plants you have. They will come over to your property at pre-determined intervals and will inspect all the plants and grass areas for signs of any pest infestation. If any is found, it will be addressed without delay. The pest control plan will be designed with aspects such as the seasonal cycle of shrubs and trees, the climatic conditions and flowering and fruiting cycles.

When you want excellent Landscape Pest Control services, you need to hire the services of a credible and experienced company like Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn Company for the job. That ensures your garden and lawn spaces look spruced up and attractive at all times.