Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration Edmond, OK

Lawns are something that most property owners like to have in the outdoor areas of their home. Even a very small grassy patch in the garden can add a certain freshness and life to the property. However, it would require regular maintenance to keep it looking good and healthy all year round. The company that handles turf care for you will create a plan based on the type of lawn you have and these plans also include aeration.

Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn Company provides Lawn Aeration services to customers in and around Edmond, Oklahoma City, Arcadia, Bethany and Guthrie. They have also built a solid customer base across Piedmont, Seward, Jones, Moore, as well as Norman.

The Turf Aeration Process

While grass has to get the right kind of nutrients, it also needs the right amount of oxygen and this is where aeration comes into the picture. The landscape maintenance company uses specialized equipment to aerate lawns during springtime. When the lawn is aerated well, the fertilizers are able to reach the root system of the grass much more easily and the foundation of the grass is able to “breathe” better too.

This is why aeration becomes the most effective way to ensure the grass stays healthy through all the seasons of the year. This aeration process works well for different types of grasses and soil.

How Compaction Affects Soil Breathability

Over time, the soil gets compacted due to watering and foot traffic. This significantly impacts root growth and reduces the level of water penetration in the ground. If this isn’t addressed on time, the lawn will slowly get thinner and the drainage of water will get affected too. The best way to prevent compaction is to get your lawn aerated on a regular basis. This helps prevent compaction and keeps the lawns healthy and looking good.

Types of Aeration

The different types of aeration methods that the landscape company will use are:

  • Core Aeration – Many refer to this process as core plugging and it is the most commonly-used method. Plugs of soil are removed from the grassy areas, with the use of an aerating machine. Via this method, the air is able to get to the root system of the grass and it helps break-up the compacted soil and the nutrients and water are able to easily reach the root zone. This aeration is done in the fall and the fertilizer and a grass seed is applied after that, which helps the lawn spaces fill in very well.
  • Aerovating – This process uses a machine with vibrating times. The tines break up the compaction as they vibrate at very high speeds. The process is carried out in dry weather.

    When you want excellent Aeration services, you need to hire the services of a credible and experienced company like Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn Company for the job. That ensures your garden and lawn spaces look spruced up and attractive at all times.