Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Edmond, OK

Landscapes add a lot of charm to your property and when they are well planned and installed, you are more encouraged to use these outdoor spaces of your home. However, once a landscape has been planned and installed well, it’s also very important to ensure its maintained well. All the softscaping and hardscaping needs regular maintenance and a good landscape company can help you with this task.

Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn Company provides Landscape Maintenance services to customers in and around Edmond, Oklahoma City, Arcadia, Bethany and Guthrie. They have also built a solid customer base across Piedmont, Seward, Jones, Moore, as well as Norman. The different services they provide are:

Lawn Care

Lawns are an important part of a landscape, and they add greenery and life to the outdoor spaces on your property. However, they would have to be looked after with as much regularity as you do the rest of the garden and yard elements. The company that handles garden maintenance for you will also provide turf care solutions. They will aerate, mow, fertilize and de-weed the grassy areas on your property with regularity.


The landscaping on your property should be planned well; that will add to its functionality and will ensure that you are able to use these spaces optimally. The garden and yard spaces will have various masonry elements and plants and trees and all these will have to be balanced well. The landscapers will also add elements such as water features and rockeries etc. to enhance the appeal of your garden and yard.

Lawn Maintenance

The grassy areas of your property see a certain amount of wear and tear. You may use this space to entertain guests and your kids and pets might play on the lawn too. In addition to that, the grass has to endure climatic changes as well; the only way it would be able to stay healthy is if it gets regular attention. The lawn care specialists will mow and aerate the lawn. They will also de-weed the area and ensure it gets the nutrients it needs. Organic fertilizers will be used in the work and the lawns will also be manually edged and trimmed as required.

Lawn Service

The company that provides you garden and yard maintenance solutions, will also include lawn care in the plans they design for you. This lawn service takes into account factors such as the size of the lawn, the type of grass that grows there and the soil that exists on your property. The personnel will ensure that pre and post-emergent weed control is done at the right times and that organic fertilizers are used to keep these grassy areas well-nourished and healthy.

When you want excellent Landscape Maintenance services, you need to be assured that you hire the services of a credible and experienced company like Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn Company for the job. That ensures your garden and lawn spaces look spruced up and attractive at all times.