When it comes to landscaping, the design and installation is only the first phase of the project and after that, all the softscaping has to be maintained well. The appearance, health and sustainability of the plants and trees depend on how well they have been looked after, and fertilization is a very important part of any landscape maintenance program.

Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn Company provides Fertilization services to customers in and around Edmond, Oklahoma City, Arcadia, Bethany and Guthrie. They have also built a solid customer base across Piedmont, Seward, Jones, Moore, as well as Norman. In most instances, fertilization and pest control are part and parcel of a comprehensive garden care program and the pre-emergent treatments that are carried out in the winter and spring as well as the summer is then followed up with specialized fertilizer that’s rich in nutrients.

When plants and trees get the right type of fertilizers, they stay much healthier and develop stronger root systems; this helps them combat foot traffic, climatic changes, mowing and various other stresses. Whenever experienced landscapers handle garden and lawn fertilization for you, they design customized plans. This is because very planting has different growing patterns and nutrient requirements. This is why a cookie-cutter approach doesn’t work.

Garden Fertilization Plans

Only skilled and knowledgeable professionals would be able to provide the right kind of treatment to your plants and it helps them build immunity and makes them more sustainable. Garden compost and other organic fertilizers will be used in the work and they will follow a very meticulous process of fertilizing the landscaped areas on your property:

  • Organic Fertilization – An active compost program can be developed for your property. It helps reduce waste and the compost supplements the fertilization needs of your garden. This also means fewer chemical fertilizers have to be used. The personnel also keep track of the health of the plantings and tweak the program as required.
  • Mineralizers – This is a very crucial part of any organic fertilization program. The landscape maintenance personnel will also ensure that the iron, potassium and calcium is replenished and this gives the soil more robust nutrition.
  • Natural Worm Casings – The earthworms that are left the soil leave behind debris and waste which are a very rich source of organic nutrients; these are very essential for the growth of the plantings.

Plant Fertilization Schedule

The plant fertilization schedule takes into consideration the different seasons and the specific requirements of all the plants and trees. This specialized approach ensures that all the softscaping gets the attention it needs, right through the year. The all-season solution includes injecting fertilizer during the winter, which is then followed-up with an insecticide treatment in the spring and then again in the summertime and fall; and foliar fertilization is also a part of this schedule.

When you want excellent Landscape Fertilization services, you need to hire the services of a credible and experienced company like Damon Johnson Tree & Lawn Company for the job. That ensures your garden and lawn spaces are healthy and look attractive at all times.